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taon baru???

hmm taon baru 2005... nothing special (huh :p) anyway, last friday, Dec 31 2004, I've bought a new digital camera for my parents (actually, they reimburse my money back :p). Soon they will use it when they are going to make a pilgrim to Makkah by this January. It is Sony D***** (I've forgotten its type), and I got it for about IDR 2.8 million including tripod, case and 4 batteries (the camera itself only got IDR 2.5 million including 128 MB Memory Stick for free). And my weekend was filled with teaching my parent how to use it and how to get all pictures it bears exported into the computer. And from that, I realize why Microsoft Windows XP was made for. My parents don't exactly know and understand how to use sophisticated computer. But thank God, Bill Gates made this Operating System so easier to use, especially for those people with lack of capability.